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Our focus

PDO provides affordable community-based mental health care to those affected in Nakuru and other major towns in Kenya. Our online services go beyond our borders. Though open to all, we focus on reaching vulnerable groups, especially those who have no other recourse to care. They include vulnerable adolescents, people with addictions, prisoners, low-income communities, children with ACEs in institutions, and gender-based violence survivors.

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Mental health treatment

We provide psychiatric and psychological services that are person-centred,  community-based and recovery-oriented. These services meet the WHO Quality Rights standards and focus on recovery and keeping people away from institutions.

Pepea youth-friendly 

Pepea's youth-friendly project seeks to address challenges of access to care which includes inadequate, inaccessible, and unaffordable youth-friendly mental health services to affected and at-risk young people in Nakuru County. The project is lead by youth who spearhead anti-stigma drive  and provide lay counseling services in their communities.

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Addiction rehab services

We provide both inpatient and outpatient services. Nawiri Wellness Center is a community-based residential facility located within the serene environment of Lanet in Nakuru. Our focuses is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where someone in distress can heal and recover in dignity.  Our services include halfway house services, addiction, and mental health treatment. 

Prison psychosocial support 

Prisons are notorious for poor living conditions, human right abuses and poor basic health care services that affects both inmates and staff. Our psychosocial support addresses the on-going psychological and social problems the face mainly through increasing their capacity to respond to those challenges and providing services directly.

prison telecounseling
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